The history of House Shol spans nearly 700 years, close to the halfway point of the Chiss Ascendancy's inception. Coming from humble beginnings, the Shol family's originator was a loyal CEDF military officer whose skills were exceptional in both combat and statemanship. This led to his assignment changing under the headship of House Chaf, offering diplomacy to species encountered during exploratory missions that would extend the Ascendancy's presence within their section of the Unknown Regions. After being honorably discharged from service under the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, the first ancestor of the Shol family continued in the diplomatic field under the new name, Shol'uvae'chaf.

Throughout the generations, House Shol grew as each member completely fulfilled their objective as diplomatic representatives. Not long after Shol'uvae'chaf's passing did House Shol become widely recognized on Csilla and Sarvchi, gaining greater prestige and admiration by the Chiss government and their people. His son would use this opportunity to settle the family on Sarvchi, the claimed planet of the Ruling Family of Diplomacy, House Chaf. Their steadfast support of the Ascendancy's direction and uncompromising loyalty to their principles and standards continued to strengthen their relationship with House Chaf, and soon the Ruling Council.

Currently, House Shol has taken the lead in supporting Chiss envoys sent to the Sith Empire in hopes to further keeping relations with the Sith solid. Their presence led to the re-establishment of the Chiss Ascendancy Embassy on the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas after the invasion of the Eternal Empire.


68J300F.pngShol'ori'chaf, Aristocra of House Shol - Known to the public as a dutiful politician, staunch supporter of the traditional Chiss lifestyle, and steadfast loyalist of the Ascendancy. Aristocra Shol has etched his place in history, both galactic and familial due to his many achievements while serving the Chiss Ascendancy and the Sith Empire. Though enduring many trying assignments in life, none compare to his current role of father to the next generation of the Shol family and loyal Chiss.
qxVHRmC.pngShol'iri'sabosen, Arbitrator and Legal Representative to the Aristocra of House Shol - Under the headship of House Sabosen, Shol'iri'sabosen has been recognized as a fierce supporter of truth and justice. Though experiencing great loss, she maintained her place and the memory of such ones by remaining active in her service. Her path soon crossed the Aristocra, which led to a greater assignment as a legal representative to an Aristocra, a wife, and a mother once more.
uq3GzG8.pngShol'umnar'chaf, Matriarch of House Shol - Much is unknown to the public, Chiss and Imperials alike, about the disciplined matriarch, though what is known is her lack of tolerance for inefficiency, recklessness, heresy, and treason. All of which making her a another member of the Shol family upholding their core virtues. Her brother, Aristocra Shol, entrusts her with a great deal in helping maintain House Shol's place in the political scene.


Due to their close association with the Ruling Family House Chaf, House Shol secured a place among the political system of the Chiss Ascendancy. Their voice would be heard by request of the Ruling Families before the Chiss Parliament as their reputation made them worth a summoned presence. Through the 700 years of their existence, the Shol family never encountered rivalries with other families, but worked to alleviate issues between houses, supporting the principle of a unified society. Many within the family would be found enrolling in classes at the Ascendancy's top academies for political and legal studies. They were as sharp as they were loyal, knowing every facet of the Ascendancy's workings and continually supporting it.

Their dealings with other families would create a rapport that resulted in some requesting to serve as vassals to the Shol family. Some among those families are:

  • House Sert (formerly)
  • House Sath
  • House Zib
  • House Verti
  • House Somm
  • House Dor